About Zink

Therese HHPhysician, teacher, researcher, gardener, outdoor lover, and writer, Therese Zink tries to do it all. Writing is relegated to the early morning hours and weekends. She writes “to stay sane” and to process the privilege of knowing so much about other people’s lives. She helps medical students write up their experiences as student doctors. Zink’s stories have been published in lay magazines, literary and medical journals, and several anthologies. She has edited two collections, compiled a book of stories and is rolling out the Dr. Ann McLannly Global Health Books

Zink has been a Midwest girl most of her life. Born in southern Ohio, she went to college in Milwaukee Wisconsin, medical school in Columbus Ohio and completed her family medicine residency training in St. Paul Minnesota. During vacations, in between jobs and during leaves of absence, she has doctored on the Navajo reservation, Latin America and the former Soviet Union. Until Spring, 2017, she served as professor and chair in the Department of Family Medicine at Wright State University. She is currently on sabbatical working on Mission Palestine.

In 2011 she was named a Rural Health Hero by the Minnesota Rural Health Association. In 2012, the National Rural Health Association awarded her the Distinguished Educator Award. She has served on the Minnesota Governor’s Health Reform Task Force from 2011-12 and was named among 100 influential health care leaders in Minnesota by the Minnesota Physician in 2012.

There is a growing interest in reflection in medical training and other professions. Why? Reflection is believed to help prevent burnout and increase job satisfaction. It can enable us to become better doctors, better human beings. What challenges you about writing?

The importance of the patient's story