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JAMA – May 18, 2011:
Rural medicine is quite unlike that depicted in the painting hanging on the wall of the South Dakota community hospital where I practice. In that painting, a country doctor's horse and buggy stand outside a warmly lit farmhouse. Next to the house is an idyllic pond, with a formation of wild geese framing the sunset, and the viewer can easily imagine that the physician is inside delivering the perfect baby. 
This false picture of rural medicine is rubbed out as the reader progresses through the diverse museum of short stories, essays, and poems captured within the pages of The Country Doctor Revisited: A Twenty-First Century Reader. Like a fine-arts master, editor Therese Zink brings experiences and viewpoints from the folks living, surviving, and providing health care in less populated areas of this country. 

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Family Medicine – March 2012:
As Erik Brodt, one of the contributing authors, says in Learning to Walk the Healer’s Path, "I grew up rural, but I never realized the challenges of providing care to a close-knit community until I lived it from a provider perspective." Having grown up in a town of 800 people, I experienced life in a poor rural community without medical providers. Thankfully the school provided fluoride for our teeth, and you could always visit the school nurse and take a rest on the cot in her office until you felt better, or your parent came to get you . . . 

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Canadian Medical Association Journal — December 2012

Many books have been written about country doctors and they all focus on the romance of a bygone era: dedication to a community, the horse, the buggy, the dog sleigh, the homemade snowmobile, getting stuck, going through the ice, the difficult problem and the innovative solution. Doctor Olds of Twillingate (Gary Saunders) and Memoirs of a Cape Breton Doctor (C. Lamont MacMillan) are two good examples. The Country Doctor Revisited is perhaps the first book to take a broad view of the new rural reality.

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University of Minnesota Alumni Magazine, Fall 2012

  A full moon floods the southeastern Minnesota landscape in a pale, wintry light as Dr. Therese Zink pulls away from her small farm and bounces down the gravel road past fields of broken cornstalks. She turns onto Highway 52 and then down a dark, empty road that crosses the middle fork of the Zumbro River before emptying onto Pine Island’s main street. Zink parks her Prius in front of the butcher shop, slantwise, the way it’s done in small towns, and heads for the Rainbow Cafe. READ MORE


Rural Roads  National Rural Health Association – Spring, 2013



Minneapolis, MN –  June 30, 2011 – StarTribune

When Dr. Therese Zink started collecting real-life stories for a book about country doctors, she had one rule: No Norman Rockwell-like tales from a bygone era… 


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