Praise for Confessions

Therese Zink is a true caregiver. Her book reveals how to be a healer. Doctors cannot cure every disease nor create immortal patients but we can heal lives and help our patients to live between office visits. When she asks, “How can I help you?” and not “What's wrong?” she is showing us how to be healers. When we listen to others we help them live and we also help them to heal their lives and bodies. This book should be read by everyone so we can all enhance our ability to help each other to live and heal.

–Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Faith, Hope & Healing and A Book of Miracles

A warm and thoughtful foray into the world of medicine. Therese Zink brings us into the lives of the patients she has cared for, and alongside her we absorb their stories, dreams, lives and lessons. –Danielle Ofri, MD, PhD, author of Medicine in Translation, and editor of the Bellevue Literary Review

Whether she is practicing in a modern American health center, teaching in a rural Honduran clinic, or volunteering for Doctors Without Borders in Chechnya, Therese Zink brings her sensitivity and ample descriptive power to those moments of true healing we all long to experience. Her glasses are not rose-colored as she casts a clear light on the dark and muddled moods that accompany most clinicians on daily rounds, where lies the suffering of others, but also our nagging doubts, past disappointments, and fear of failure.

–David Loxterkamp, MD, author of A Measure of My Days and the forthcoming What Matters in Medicine

Zink explores the privilege and burden of listening to the intimacies of patients’ lives through the best and worst of times. Sometimes I worry that we've strayed too far from healing, but the clear eye and deep heart that Zink brings to the profession and the teaching of students reassures me that the next generation of health professionals has at least one outstanding role model.

–Jon Hallberg, MD creator and host of Hippocrates Cafe and the regular health analyst on Minnesota Public Radio