Becoming: Table of Contents


The Job Only a Medical Student Can Do: Have a Smoke on Me— Conor Hagen

Hands of Healing—   Krista Stowe

Surgery Clerkship: Staying Alive—Noah Sugerman

Open– -Lauren Jansons

Arm Wrestling—Jennifer Le

Morning Rounds—Maura Scanlon

Troop Medical Clinic, Contingency Operating Base, Basra, Iraq— Jennifer Macdonald

My Grandmother’s Decision—Anika Ingham

Gone But Not Forgotten—Rebecca Stepan

Hammers—Ben Willenbring

Surges—Rachel Hammer

Making an Impact—Christine Spampinato

Being on the Other Side of the Bed in Brazil—Kristina Krohn

Lessons from East Africa—Bethany Cook

Bearing Witness—Burgess Norrgard

Me: Hazardous Material—Andrea Paulson

Metropolitan Medicine—Anjali Wilcox

In Search of an Interesting Case—Jeremiah Eisenschenk

A Turning Point—Rachel Sang

Out of This World—Katelyn Mohrbacher

Welcome—    Hanaa al-Khansa Nik Rushdi

The Flickering of a Heartbeat—Elizabeth Johnson

Reading Letters in the Dark: A Medical Student’s Experience on Radiology—Ari Holloway-Nahum

Welcome Reminders: There Is More to Medicine Thank Microscopes and Lab Values—Robyn Endrud

The River—Aaron Crosby

Journey of a Med Student—  Amit Goyal

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