Becoming: Cover Jacket Quotes

Come join these poets and storytellers as they examine and reflect upon the many steps along the way of becoming a doctor. For those who have already taken the oath, it will bring memories forward to refresh and renew. For those ready to embark, these writers celebrate the journey you are about to begin.

–Patricia A. Barrier, MD, MPH

Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Mayo Medical School


The “hidden curriculum” in the classroom and on the wards does not always model professional behavior–an important competency we expect in our medical students and future physicians. The ability to reflect on learning experiences is crucial for professional development in medical students and provides a rich resource for a deeper understanding of how the hidden curriculum shapes the professional identity of future physicians. These stories and poems examine aspects of what professionalism truly means and how it is developed.

–Lillian A. Repesh, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions

University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth Campus


Give yourself a moment to hear these clarion young voices from the frontiers of medicine.

–Kathleen Watson, MD

Associate Dean for Students and Student Learning

University of Minnesota Medical School Twin Cities Campus