Now AvailableMission Chechnya — the 2nd book in the Dr. Ann McLannly Global Health Books

Dr. Ann McLannly’s second international aid mission lands her in war-torn Chechnya. She is relieved to be doing humanitarian work again. But safety and security quickly erode as the region slides into the Second Chechen War. (Little does she know that Vladimir Putin’s handling of the war, as an ex-KGB official, will catapult him on to the Russian stage.) Relief work comes to a standstill when the mission’s director, Jeffrey Kent, is kidnapped. Ann remains in the region and her responsibilities morph into crisis management. The aid organization and the local team work numerous angles to secure Jeffrey’s safe return. Identifying the good guys from the bad guys becomes even more complicated when Ann learns that the KGB (now called the Federal Security Bureau–FSB) is engaging her colleagues. She tries to avoid the whodunit, but as the possibilities become more convoluted she decides to get involved.

Mission Chechnya is a work of fiction, but it is based on historical facts, as well as Zink’s own experience in the field.

Discussion questions are included.

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Description of series

Dr. Ann McLannly, a thirtysomething family physician, volunteers with Global Health in international hotspots around the world. Ann navigates landscapes and cultures during conflicts that garnered little media attention when they occurred. The nuances and challenges of the international crises are revealed as Ann and her colleagues confront their own fears and moral dilemmas. Like the Global Health volunteers enmeshed with forces beyond their control, your adrenaline will pump and you will become addicted to the intrigue, romance, and the challenge of practicing medicine on unfamiliar ground. A percentage of  book profits are given to nonprofits who work effectively overseas.

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Mission Rwanda

Dr. Ann McLannly blames herself for her niece’s death. And after her mother dies she volunteers with an international mission in Rwanda. Pressed into a grueling work schedule with limited facilities, she has little time to adjust. Still, she forges relationships with the remarkable people she meets and finds herself drawn into a relationship with a priest who becomes her confidant and introduces her to a Catholic orphanage that needs a physician to care for the growing number of orphans. It all seems like the perfect escape until she finds herself in the middle of the Rwandan genocide where Hutus murder 800,000 Tutsis in a matter of 100 days. As the horrors unfold around her and her colleagues leave for home, Ann remains in Rwanda to honor her contract and help her new friends. She is also painfully aware that she is not yet ready to face her family in the US. As Ann struggles to care for patients under desperate circumstances, she is shocked to discover that the priest she has grown so fond of is complicit in the genocide conspiracy.

Cut off from the outside world, Ann and her companions embark on a harrowing journey to a refugee camp in Tanzania, joining the flood of Rwandans frantic to escape the killing. There Ann is reunited with the blue-eyed surgeon who recruited her to the mission. Love blossoms as the conditions within the camp deteriorate. Ann and her colleagues struggle to remain neutral in an increasingly convoluted world as they live with the brutal reality of deciding who lives and who dies. Ann’s outrage grows when they discover that the ethnic conflict continues in the camp. As the threats become personal for Ann, she realizes she must take a side.

Mission Rwanda is a work of fiction, but it is based on historical facts, as well as Zink’s own experience in the field.

Discussion questions are included.

Also available on Bookshare: An Accessible Online Library for people with print disabilities

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